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Valve Guide Cutters

Valve Guide Cutters
Cutters for Trimming guide to length and machining for Posi Lock Valve Stem Seals

High Quality Carbide Tipped Cutters get the job done. Long Life and Precision cuts so your valve stem seals fit right.


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Cutters use to machine the valve guide for installation of Posi Lock Valve stem seals

Carbide-tipped cutters accurately machine O.D. face and chamfer top of guide in minutes. Hardened and ground pilots fit any 3/8" or 1/2" electric drill. Cutter bodies

and pilots are available as complete assemblies or may be ordered separately.á All bodies and pilots are interchangeable.



1" Diameter Heavy Duty Valve Guide Trimmer

This Cutter can be usedáfor trimming down valve guides after installation or for cutting down rocker studs when converting heads from pressed in studs to screw in studs. It can also be used to spot face bolt bosses up to 1" in diameter.

The Shank on the cutter is 3/8" and can be used in a hand drill, a drill, press, bridgeport, or seat and guide machine.

Use this versatile tool for trimming Bronze-Liners, as well as thinwall cast. Use freehand with low rpm drill motor. Pilots have 3/16" diameter shanks. Pilots sold separately.

Showing: 3 products